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Studio Essentials takes the guesswork out of buying equipment by offering
the best quality and prices within every product category and backing them up
with a 1-year factory warranty and America-based customer support


Whether you want to create portraits, YouTube videos or live broadcasts, our collection of LEDs can help you get there


Just starting out with studio lighting? Our 200Ws flash is an ideal entry point for those who want to learn flash photography


Product photography doesn't have to be difficult. Our table-top kits help you showcase your products for e-commerce listings

Value Stands

     A collection of lightweight, spring-cushioned stands.     Perfect for speed lights, small flashes & LED's

Premium Stands

Extended reach, heavy-duty metal locking collars, and air-cushioning. The perfect choice for larger lights & modifiers

Specialty Stands

Down low or boomed overhead, these stands help you place your lights precisely where you need them

Value Support

A lightweight background support system for fabric and pop-up backgrounds

7'8" Tall - 8'2" Wide

Premium Support

A heavy-duty background support system with a telescopic cross pole; ideal for paper rolls

8'6" Tall - 10' Wide

Wall-Mounted Support

A do-it-yourself kit for hanging full-width background paper rolls in your studio

Pop-Up Background Stand

A lightweight stand & clip. Perfect for supporting pop-up backgrounds and 5-in-1 reflectors

5' x 6.5' Pop-Up Backgrounds

Studio Essentials Pop-up Backgrounds require very limited setup time, store neatly, travel well, and ultimately look great! Each background measures 5’ x 6.5’ and can be used either vertically or horizontally, depending on your shot. Velcro fasteners on the top and side of each background allow you to secure your background to a stand and prevent any movement during your shot.

Note: All dyed backgrounds are hand-dyed, meaning the patterns may vary between each background

Single-Sided Dyed

A collection of single-sided backgrounds with gradual contrast and complementary colors

Solid Color

Double-sided backgrounds featuring solid colors. Perfect for a creating a clean look

Impressionist Series

Double-sided backgrounds with colors derived from notable impressionist paintings.

Double-Sided Printed/Dyed

Double-sided backgrounds with a printed pattern on one side and dyed on the other

The ultimate tool for reflective light control, these 5-in-1 reflectors feature a steel band covered with white translucent diffuser fabric
and a reversible slipcover that provides 4 additional light modifiers:  Silver, Soft Sun, White, and Black.

Silver - High-intensity reflections with added contrast

Soft Sun - A silver and gold blend for warm tones and softer contrast

White - Soft reflections and lower contrast for smoother tones

Black - Blocks unwanted light for dramatic contrast and added depth

Translucent - Inner diffuser that softens harsh light for lower contrast


24" 5-in-1 Reflector

32" 5-in-1 Reflector

42" 5-in-1 Reflector

Light Modifiers

An extensive collection of diverse light modifiers that are compatible with all
Interfit and Studio Essentials flashes, and Studio Essentials 100W LED Monolight

Beauty Dishes

A must-have modifier for fashion and beauty photographers, creating a crisp light with strong contrast

Beauty Dish Grids

An essential add-on for your beauty dish, used to restrict the spread of light for added depth and drama to your image

Beauty Dish Kits

Hit the ground running with these all-inclusive bundles!
A beauty dish and a honeycomb grid

7" Standard Reflector

Creates a sharp, directional quality with stark
contrast and increased specularity

Grids for 7" Reflector

A set of four honeycomb grids designed to create dramatic, directional light. Includes a 10˚, 20˚, 30˚, and 40˚ grid

7" Reflector & Grid Kit

An all-in-one bundle for creating directional light.
Includes a 7" reflector and  10˚, 20˚, 30˚, and 40˚ grids

45˚ Deep Reflector

A long-throw reflector designed to double your light output. Ideal for wide-angle photos on location

Grids for Deep Reflector

An essential add-on to your Deep Reflector, these grids reduce
the spread of light. Choose between 10˚, 20˚, or 30˚, or all three

Deep Reflector & Grid Kit

An all-in-one creative lighting bundle with a
deep reflector and 10˚, 20˚, and 30˚ grids

45˚ Background Reflector

A specialized reflector designed to create a
light gradient on your background.

Snoot with Grid & Gels

Narrows the beam of light into a soft spot. Perfect for use with a hair light, or accenting details

Barndoors with Grid & Gels

A specialized modifier designed to narrow your light spread. Complete with a 4-piece gel set and honeycomb grid

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