Studio Essentials 200Ws Value Flash Head

A beginner 200Ws flash head. The perfect starting point for learning studio flash



The Studio Essentials 200Ws Value Flash Head is the perfect introductory flash for those who want to learn flash photography. It contains all of the necessary features you need to create great images and will allow you to grow as a photographer

Power Range

The Studio Essentials 200Ws Value Flash has a 5-stop power range. Power can be adjusted from 200Ws down to 12.5Ws in 1/10th of a stop increments for precise exposure. Power output is displayed on the LCD screen on the back of the light and ranges from 6.0 (full power) to 2.0 (low power)

Modeling Lamp

Modeling lamps are vital tools for studio photographers that allow you to see where your flash will fall on your subject. The Studio Essentials 200Ws Value Flash features a 75W halogen modeling lamp. The modeling lamp can be set to adjust proportionately to the flash power, or to full power.

Built-in Radio Receiver

The Studio Essentials 200Ws Value Flash features a built-in radio receiver. When used with the Studio Essentials Remote, this allows you to trigger the flash without the need for a sync cable, optical slave flash, or third-party radio system.

**NOTE: Studio Essentials Remote is included with all flash kits, but is sold separately from the individual flash heads.

Bowens S-Type Modifier Mount

The Studio Essentials 200Ws Value Flash utilizes the popular Bowens® S-Type modifier mount, making it compatible all Studio Essentials and Interfit modifiers. This is also the same modifier mount used on the Interfit Honey Badger, S1, and S1a, meaning you won’t have to purchases new modifiers as you upgrade in the future.

Additional information

Power Range

5 Stops (200Ws – 12.5Ws)

Flash Variability

1/10th of a stop

Recycle Time

2 seconds at full power

Color Temperature

5600K +/-200

Modeling Lamp

75W Halogen

Wireless Control

Integrated 433mHz radio receiver

Operating Voltage


Fan Cooling


Auto Power Dump

Yes – auto flash dump

Modifier Mount

Bowens S-Type

The Studio Essentials 200Ws Value Flash Head includes:

  • - 1 - 200Ws Flash Head
  • - 1 - 7" Reflector
  • - 1 - AC Power Cable
  • - 1 - Sync Cable

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