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Flash Duration

By interfit_admin | October 23, 2017

Flash Duration   An explanation from Interfit Creative Pro, John Cornicello   To our eyes a flash happens, well, in a flash! It appears instantaneous. But if you were to hook up an oscilloscope and the proper sensor you will see that a flash has a rise, a peak, and a fall. The rise is quite steep and the falloff […]

Versatile Headshot Kit

By interfit_admin | September 26, 2017

Taking the Plunge into LED A review from Interfit Creative Pros, Jason and Joanne Marino The portability of the Versatile system helps us to quickly and easily transport and setup on location, allowing us to shoot headshots in many different locations on any given day.   Taking the Leap We’ve been doing headshots for a few years, and have been […]

Adventures with the Interfit S1 Backpack Kit

By interfit_admin | September 11, 2017

Adventures with the Interfit S1 Backpack Kit A review from Interfit Creative Pro, Jennifer Rapoza I’ve been intrigued with powerful, portable lighting equipment for quite sometime but the expense of the products on the market made it out of reach for my budget. The S1 had an attractive price tag and the power as well as portability possibilities that would […]

Built for the Fearless: The Honey Badger is Affordable, Versatile and Fierce

By interfit_admin | August 8, 2017

Built for the Fearless: The Honey Badger is Affordable, Versatile and Fierce A 320Ws Flash Built for the Fearless The Guiness Book of World Records named the Honey Badger the “World’s Most Fearless Creature”. Their powerful physical features, speed, intelligence, and general aggressive demeanor combine to make one ferocious little powerhouse that is known to give even top predators a […]

Interfit Launches New Line of Professional Modifiers

By interfit_admin | August 1, 2016

Interfit’s main objective as a company is to develop and market quality products that are relevant to all photographers, delivering high performance at compelling price points. This new line of professional modifiers does just that. We have combined all of the features that the top-level professionals require in their modifiers, and brought them to market at a price that the majority […]

S1 Selected as a 2016 Hot One Featured Product

By interfit_admin | July 28, 2016

All of us at Interfit are honored to announce that the S1 has been selected as one of the featured products in Professional Photographer magazine’s 2016 Hot Ones. Since its introduction to the market in January, the S1 has quickly become a go-to lighting solution for thousands of photographers at all stages of their careers. “Our goal with the S1 project was […]

Sweeping Changes at Interfit Photographic Ltd.

By interfit_admin | November 11, 2015

Irvine, CA:  Since his appointment in February of 2015, new CEO Frank X. Muscatello has spearheaded a top-to-bottom revitalization of Interfit Photographic comprised of several major initiatives and changes including top-level talent recruitment, brand identity redesign, new e-commerce platform and website, and the development of innovative products. Mr. Muscatello, an accomplished Sales and Marketing Executive with a successful track record […]

Interfit Announces New S1 Strobe with HSS, TTL, IGBT, Onboard Battery and AC Power

By interfit_admin | November 11, 2015

Irvine, CA:  Interfit is proud to announce the release of the new S1 Flash; an affordable 500Ws, AC/DC powered monolight with HSS and TTL for Canon, Nikon, and Sony cameras. The engineers at Interfit have been hard at work developing the worlds first 500Ws monolight with High-Speed Sync, TTL , IGBT technology, exchangeable onboard Lithium Ion battery and multi-voltage AC […]

The next BIG thing is here!

By interfit_admin | July 27, 2015

We’ve let the power go to our heads a bit… Sorry. No not really. What do you do when you pack four times the power of the leading speedlight into a compact, bare-bulb flash system? You DOUBLE it! *Queue the thunder and lightning, crazy hair and maniacal laughing* The Pro-Flash One Eighty has been a huge success since it debuted […]

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