Interfit Photographic was established in 2001 with simple goals and a single minded focus:  To develop innovative, high quality, professional lighting products and accessories that enable photographers of all skill levels to expand their creativity and realize their aspiration to consistently create meaningful images, all at an affordable price.


As fellow photographers, we believe that investment in the tools of our craft should be based on substance versus flash (no-pun intended!). And, in an industry dominated by costly marketing machines, Interfit stands alone as a voice of reason. Our solution-based lighting products and accessories deliver both uncompromising performance and value. The broad range of our products enables us to meet the needs, and budgets, of both professional and amateur photographers alike.


Our dedicated staff of industry professionals stand ready to serve you, so please do not hesitate to reach out to us via phone or email should you have any questions, or to share your ideas, success stories and comments. Also, look for us at national and regional trade shows, and on social media.


We are committed to your success and to the art form! 


Thank you for visiting our website. Please come back soon!

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