The next BIG thing is here!

We’ve let the power go to our heads a bit… Sorry. No not really.

What do you do when you pack four times the power of the leading speedlight into a compact, bare-bulb flash system? You DOUBLE it!

*Queue the thunder and lightning, crazy hair and maniacal laughing*

The Pro-Flash One Eighty has been a huge success since it debuted earlier this year. Building off of that success is the new big brother. Twice as strong yet still as refined as its’ smaller counterpart, the Pro-Flash 360 packs a whopping (you guessed it) 360w/s of power into each full power flash! You would need six to eight speedlights to get that kind of power. The Pro-Flash 360 uses the same battery as the existing One Eighty, giving you 450 full power flashes per charge.

It’s true… Big things DO come in small packages!

For a full list of features and specifications, visit the Pro-Flash 360 Product Page, here

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