Strobies Pro-Flash Snoot Kit

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Strobies Pro-Flash Snoot Kit

Direct your light with pinpoint accuracy and highlight key features; compatible with the Pro-Flash 180, 360, and most other manufacturers’ bare bulb flash units


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Product Description

The Strobies Pro-Flash Snoot Kit is designed for use with the Pro-Flash unit. Snoots greatly reduces and controls the spread of light from your flash, and are used to direct the beam of light and highlight certain areas in your scene, while limiting the spill of light on the rest of your image.

Limit the spill of light even more with the included honeycomb grid. Honeycombs are used to narrow down the spread of light by channeling the light into a defined beam.
This kit includes two snoots, one conical and one cylindrical. Both will limit the light spread to a tight spot. The only difference is that a conical snoot gives you slightly sharper shadows than a cylindrical snoot, due to the direct path that the light takes from the flash to the subject.

Additional Information

Fitting Type

Pro-Flash, Quantum®, Lumdyne®


Black and Silver

Coverage Angle


Accepts Honeycomb Grid

Yes – Included




0.6kg (1.3lb)

The Strobies Pro-Flash Snoot Kit includes:

  • 1 - Strobies Pro-Flash Conical Snoot with Honeycomb Grid
  • 1 - Strobies Pro-Flash Cylindrical Snoot with Honeycomb Grid


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Strobies Pro-Flash Snoot Kit

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