Strobies Pro-Flash Diffusion Ball

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Strobies Pro-Flash Diffusion Ball

A handy modifier that emits light in all directions and is used to increase the ambient light in a room; compatible with the Pro-Flash 180, 360, and most other manufacturers’ bare bulb flash units


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Product Description

The Strobies Pro-Flash Diffusion Ball is the ideal modifier for casting a soft, even, non-directional light. Often used to mimic or supplement ambient light, the Diffusion Ball is perfect for architectural and fashion photography.
When used in close proximity to your subject and aimed straight up, the Diffusion Ball can be used to bounce 80% of the light off of nearby walls or ceilings to increase the ambient light, while casting the remaining 20% of the light on your subject for a soft fill light.

Additional Information

Fitting Type

Pro-Flash, Quantum®, Lumdyne®




11.5cm (4.6") diameter


Opaque white

Coverage Angle


Light Loss

2 Stops




0.13kg (0.3lb)

The Strobies Pro-Flash Diffusion Ball includes:

  • 1 - Strobies Pro-Flash Diffusion Ball


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Strobies Pro-Flash Diffusion Ball

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