Strobies Pro-Flash 360Ws Flash Head

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Strobies Pro-Flash 360Ws Flash Head

A high-powered and versatile bare bulb flash unit for use with the STR202 battery pack



Building off of the success of the Pro-Flash One Eighty, the Strobies Pro-Flash 360 offers the same great features, with twice the power! That is equivalent of over five times the power of the average speedlight. The Pro-Flash gives you precise manual control with an 8-stop range adjustable in 1/3-stop increments, and features a 270º rotating head with 90º tilt capability.
The Pro-Flash 360 emits a powerful 360Ws flash and boasts a full-power recycling time of 4.5 seconds. Five different flash modes give you the ability to fine-tune your light output in any situation. Your basic Manual mode lets you control the power in 1/3-stop increments. S1 mode activates the optical slave and lets you trigger the Pro-Flash using another flash source. S2 mode also uses the optical slave, but will ignore the first pre-flash often-used in red-eye reduction flash modes. RPT mode (repeat) allows you to use your Pro-Flash as a Stroboscopic Flash for creative “stop motion” photography. High-Speed Sync mode lets you use your Pro-Flash at shutter speeds greater than 1/250sec., allowing you to properly expose for bright daylight while illuminating your subject. (High-Speed Sync is only available when used with a capable trigger).
The Pro-Flash is compatible with an array of available accessories including umbrellas, snoots, beauty dish, honeycomb grid and more.
The Pro-Flash 360 is intended to be used off-camera with several different triggering options. Pro-Flash can be triggered via optical slave, sync port or the Strobies Pro-Flash Transmitter/Receiver Kit. The hotshoe on the bottom of the 360 means this unit can also be used on camera as well if desired.

Additional information

Maximum Wattssecond


Guide Number

80m (262')

Recycle Time Full Power

4.5 Seconds

Color Temperature


Variable Power

Full to 1/128 power

Power Range

8 stops, 1/3 stop increments

Sync Mode

Manual, Stroboscopic, High Speed Sync (up to 1/8000 sec w/HSS trigger)

Multi Flash Stroboscopic

Up to 100 flashes, 199Hz

Fitting Type

Pro-Flash, Quantum®, Lumdyne®


Pro-Flash Transmitter/Receiver (sold separately), sync cable, optical slave, third-party flash trigger

Flash Ready Indicator

LED and switchable audible

Auto Power Dump


Vertical Rotation Angle

-15 to 90º

Horizontal Rotation Angle

0 to 270º

Replacement Flash Tube

360Ws Pro-Flash Replacement Flash Tube – STR229

Cable Length

1.8m (6') – Coiled

Power Supply

Strobies Pro-Flash Battery Pack – STR202 – NOT INCLUDED

Reflector Diameter

11.4cm (4.5")




21 x 9 x 7cm (8.2 x 3.5 x 2.5") – without flash tube or reflector


0.5kg (1.2lb)

The Strobies Pro-Flash 360Ws Flash Head includes:


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Strobies Pro-Flash 360Ws Flash Head

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