Strobies Pro-Flash 180Ws Flash Kit with Battery Pack

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Strobies Pro-Flash 180Ws Flash Kit with Battery Pack

A fast, powerful and portable lighting solution; the Pro-Flash 180 packs the ease and convenience of a speedlight with the power of a studio light



The Strobies Pro-Flash 180 is a lighting solution that combines the portability of a speedlight, with the power, versatility and fast recycle times of a studio strobe. The simplified controls, large LCD display, MF-Assist Beam, Audio Ready function, and many other features make the Pro-Flash 180 extremely easy to use, allowing you to quickly set up and get your shot.

At 180Ws, the Pro-Flash 180 is more than twice as powerful as the leading speedlight. Having this additional stop of light creates a lot of creative opportunities that would not be possible with traditional off-camera flash units. The 180’s power range covers 8 stops, from 1/1 to 1/128th power, adjustable within 1/3rd of a stop, just like your speedlight.

The major downside to traditional speedlights is the recycle time at full power. What good is having a flash if it’s never ready when you need it? The leading manufacturer’s speedlights recycle in 4 to 5 seconds at full power, while the Pro-Flash 180 recycles in just 1.2 seconds at the equivalent power (1/2), and 2.5 seconds at full power.

The included Strobies Pro-Flash Battery Pack, proprietary power source of the Pro-Flash 180, is the lifeforce behind this portable flash system. This 4500mAh Lithium Ion battery gives up to 700 full power flashes on a single charge and can fully recharge in just 3 hours. Using the optional power cables, the Pro-Flash Battery Pack can also be used to power Canon, Nikon or Sony speedlights, and can offer up to 1400 full-power flashes, while reducing the recycle time.

Shooting Modes
Five different flash modes give you the ability to fine-tune your light output in any situation.

  • Manual flash mode sends out a single flash every time it is
    triggered, and lets you control the power in 1/3-stop increments.
  • S1 mode activates the optical slave cell and lets you trigger the
    Pro-Flash using your cameras pop-up flash or on-camera speedlight as
    the trigger.
  • S2 mode also uses the optical slave, but will ignore the first
    pre-flash often-used in red-eye reduction and TTL flash modes.
  • RPT mode (repeat) allows you to use your Pro-Flash as a Stroboscopic
    Flash for creative “stop motion” photography.
  • High-Speed Sync mode lets you use your Pro-Flash at shutter speeds up
    to 1/8000 sec. This allows you to properly expose the ambient light
    while mainting a shallow depth of field to focus on your subject.
    (High-Speed Sync is only available when used with a capable trigger).

The Pro-Flash can be mounted directly to your on-camera hot shoe and used as a standard speedlight, but its primary purpose is as an off-camera flash unit. There are several triggering options for the Pro-Flash 180. The Pro-Flash Transmitter/Receiver Set is the ideal triggering method for the Pro-Flash system, and allows you to manually adjust the power of each flash from the transmitter, rather than running back and forth to the light to make adjustments. The hotshoe on the bottom of the Pro-Flash allows you to use any manufacturers radio triggering system, just like your traditional speedlight. Putting the Pro-Flash into S1 or S2 mode allows you to trigger the flash via optical slave cell, and the sync ports on the side of the flash body let you trigger the flash using a standard sync cable.

Having a quality light source is important, but it’s only half the battle. How you shape and sculpt the light is crucial when it comes to creating dynamic and flattering images. Interfit carries an array of light modifiers that are specifically designed for use with bare-bulb flash systems such as the 180. Your favorite Quantum® and Lumedyne® light modifiers are also perfectly compatible, and with the optional Strobies S-Type Speedlight Bracket, you can use ANY of your favorite S-Type or Bowens® mount modifier with your Pro-Flash.

Additional information

Maximum Wattssecond


Guide Number

60m (196')

Recycle Time Full Power

2.5 Seconds

Color Temperature


Variable Power

Full to 1/128 power

Power Range

8 stops, 1/3 stop increments

Sync Mode

Manual, Stroboscopic, High Speed Sync (up to 1/8000 sec w/HSS trigger)

Multi Flash Stroboscopic

Up to 100 flashes, 199Hz

Auto Focus Assist Beam


Fitting Type

Pro-Flash, Quantum®, Lumdyne®


Pro-Flash Transmitter/Receiver (sold separately), sync cable, optical slave, third-party flash trigger

Flash Ready Indicator

LED and switchable audible

Auto Power Dump


Vertical Rotation Angle

-15 to 90º

Horizontal Rotation Angle

0 to 270º

Replacement Flash Tube

180Ws Pro-Flash Replacement Flash Tube – STR234

Cable Length

1.8m (6') – Coiled

Power Supply

Strobies Pro-Flash Battery Pack – STR202

Battery Type

4500mAh Li-Ion

Full Power Flashes Per Charge


Battery Recharge Time

3 Hours

Replacement Battery

Strobies Pro-Flash Battery – STR233

Reflector Diameter

11.4cm (4.5")

Head Dimensions

21 x 9 x 7cm (8.2 x 3.5 x 2.5") – without flash tube or reflector

Head Weight

0.5kg (1.2lb)

Battery Dimensions

16 x 13.4 x 5.1cm (6.3 x 5.3 x 2")

Battery Weight

0.5kg (1.2lb)



The Strobies Pro-Flash 180Ws Flash Kit with Battery Pack includes:


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Strobies Pro-Flash 180Ws Flash Kit with Battery Pack

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