Strobies Large On-Camera Diffuser

An on-the-lens diffuser used to soften your on camera flash; ideal for event photography


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Product Description

The Strobies Large On-Camera Diffuser mounts easily with its elastic ring to any camera lens up to 90mm in diameter. The translucent diffuser fabric takes the light from your on-camera flash (shoe mounted or pop-up) and softens and disperses it evenly across its large surface area for smooth skin tones and soft shadows.

Its’ light weight and ultra portability make it an essential tool for the mobile photographer. It folds down to just under 12.7cm (5") and can easily be stored in your pocket during an event.

The Strobies Large On-Camera Diffuser is ideal for portrait, event, and product photography.

Additional Information

Light Loss

1 Stop


38 x 24cm (15 x 9.5")


0.1kg (0.2lb)

The Strobies Large On-Camera Diffuser includes:

  • 1 - Strobies Large On-Camera Diffuser


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Strobies Large On-Camera Diffuser

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