Stellar X750

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Stellar X750

A variable-power, 750w tungsten light source with a Bowens® S-Mount; the perfect addition to your existing tungsten lighting kit, with an array of available softboxes


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Product Description

The Stellar Tungsten line of lights is an excellent solution for continuous studio lighting. Having a uniform 3200 tungsten light source allows you to capture excellent results time and time again. Featuring silent operation and flicker-free light, the Stellar X750 is also the perfect light for videographers.

Stellar Tungsten units are housed in tough, aluminum bodies built for long life and reliable use. Heat vents behind the lamp help to disperse the heat emitted from tungsten lamps.

These units feature an S-Type bayonet fitting, enabling the use of our extensive range of light modifiers, including Softboxes and Deep Reflectors.

The Stellar X750 offers more power than the traditional X500. Producing 750 watts, the X750 is able to meet the demands of professional studio photographers. The X750 features three 250-watt tungsten lamps that can be controlled individually, allowing you to change the power output with just a flip of a switch.

Additional Information

Watt Output


Color Temperature


Variable Power


Fan Cooling

No – Passive air cooling

Fitting Type

Bowens® S-Mount

Operating Voltage

220-230VAC or 110-120VAC

Watt Usage


Replacement Lamp

250W Tungsten – INT500

Cable Length

4m (13’)


Standard 5/8" Stand Mount

Reflector Diameter

18cm (7")




34 x 23 x 13cm (13.4 x 9.1 x 5.1")


2.15kg (4.75lbs)

The Stellar X750 includes:


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