Softbox Yoke with Bowens® S-Mount

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An all-metal softbox yoke with a Bowens® S-Mount that can fit any square, rectangle, strip, octagon, or parabolic softbox. Highly recommended for extra large softboxes



The Softbox Yoke is a specially designed 16-rod softbox speed ring that supports the weight of heavier softboxes. Larger softboxes can be heavy and put a lot of extra strain on your flash head. By using a softbox yoke, your flash head only has to support its own weight. The weight of the softbox is supported by the yoke itself, providing you with extra support and stability when using larger modifiers.

This yoke comes standard with a Bowens® S-Mount, but can easily be exchanged to fit any manufacturers light (inner speed ring adapter required).

Additional information

Outer Ring Diameter

19cm (7.5″)

Inner Ring Diameter

14.5cm (5.8″)

Rod Holes




Compatible Brands

Bowens® included – inner ring is exchangeable to allow compatibility with any brand


1.5kg (3.4lb)

The Softbox Yoke with Bowens® S-Mount includes:

  • 1 - Softbox Yoke with 16-hole outer ring
  • 1 - Bowens® S-Mount Inner Ring

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