LEDGO Broadcast Series LED Panel 600 w/DMX & WiFi

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A daylight balanced LED panel that is purpose-built for professional broadcast use, and produces the equivalent light of a 350w tungsten lamp



The LEDGO Broadcast Series of LED Panels was designed for the rigors of daily, professional use. Improved color accuracy, integrated DMX and WiFi controls, and a robust housing makes the LEDGO Broadcast Series of LED panels a perfect fit for any professional studio.

The LG600MSII is a 600 LED, daylight balanced light that produces roughly the same amount of light as a 350w tungsten lamp. The smallest lights in the Broadcast Series lineup, the 600 LED is ideal for small studios, accent/hair lights in larger sets, or paired with the LGD600 Fresnel to create a compact and portable interview kit.

Daylight Balanced

LEDGO’s daylight balanced lights measure in at 5600K. Packing a 15% brighter punch than their bi-color counterparts, daylight LED’s are ideal for use in a controlled environment such as a broadcast studio or film set, or in cases where using color balancing gels is adequate.

Heavy Duty Housing

The LEDGO Broadcast Series was developed for professional broadcast studios and to meet the physical toll that is often placed on equipment in the professional industry. The robust aluminum housing and hardened nylon reinforced corners allow the Broadcast Series panels to withstand the demands of professional studio and grip truck equipment.

Sony V-Lock Compatible

An integrated Sony V-Lock battery plate makes the LEDGO Broadcast Series completely portable. Ideal for integration into location interview kits and grip trucks.

Accurate Color

All LEDGO products have a minimum 95 CRI with negligible ∆UV (green/magenta) color shift, meaning accurate, vibrant colors, no need for color correction gels, and less time spent in post-production.


Low-cost LED’s will sometimes flicker when used at low power. All LEDGO lights are flicker tested to over 40,000 framers per second. This allows cinematographers to use HD, 4K, 8K, or slow-motion cameras when using these lights.

DMX Control

Having the ability to control your lights remotely is crucial for large studio settings. LEDGO Broadcast Series Panels are DMX compatible and will integrate seamlessly with existing studio setups.

Integrated WiFi Receiver

In addition to manual adjustments, the brightness of these lights can also be adjusted via smartphone or tablet (Apple or Android). An integrated WiFi receiver works in conjunction with the LEDGO WiFi router (sold separately) and the LEDGO app (available for free download on Apple App Store or Google Play), giving users the ability to control the brightness of their lights remotely. This is especially convenient when lights need to be placed out of reach.

Removable Barndoors

Every LEDGO Broadcast Series Panel includes a set of removable 4-leaf barndoors. This valuable accessory allows users to shape the light by reducing the spread. Each individual leaf can be tightened, should they become loose over prolonged use.

Additional information

Beam Angle





5/8″ Baby Pin Receiver

Power Supply Range

100-240v AC

Power Draw


DC Voltage Output

15V DC

Color Temperature


Color Rendering (CRI & TLCI)

96CRI / 95TLCI
R9 Value (saturated red): 93 CRI
R15 Value (skin color – med.): 95 CRI

∆uv (green Magenta Shift)





Manual color and brightness adjustment
DMX Input & Output
WiFi compatible (requires separate LEDGO WiFi module)


5301 Lumens

Diffuser Light Loss: -1.5 stops

Lux / Foot Candles

@1m: 7152lux / 664fc
@2m: 1824lux / 169fc
@3m: 831ux / 77fc
@4m: 457lux / 42fc
@5m: 298lux / 28fc

Ambient Temperature Operation

-5ºf to +105ºf

IP Rating

IP 30

Estimated LED Lifetime

50,000 hours



The LEDGO Broadcast Series LED Panel 600 w/DMX & WiFi includes:

  • 1 - Broadcast Series LED Panel 600
  • 1 - Set of removable barndoors
  • 1 - Yoke with 5/8" light stand mount
  • 1 - 3 filter set
  • 1 - Nylon Carry Case

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