4-Section Light Stand – 4m (13’)

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4-Section Light Stand - 4m (13’)

The largest stand in our lineup, this 4m (13′) air-cushioned aluminum lightstand securely holds your lights high above your scene.



The 4m (13’) 4-Section Light Stand is the tallest light stand in our line. This heavy-duty light stand is designed to hold your heaviest studio lights and modifiers, and position them far beyond the reach of most other stands.

Interfit light stands feature:

  • sturdy and lightweight aluminum construction
  • sure-twist section locks to securely lock in your desired height
  • air-cushioning for added safety for your subjects and equipment
  • the ability to accept casters (not included)

air-cushioning is a safety feature that prevents your light from crashing down and ensures your light slowly descends should you forget to tighten the section locks.

Additional information

Maximum Height

4m (13’)

Minimum Height

120cm (48”)

Base Diameter

1.3m (4.3’)

Closed Length

110cm (43”)

Air Cushioned



5/8" Stud with 1/4"-20 Threaded Tip

Maximum Load

6.8kg (15lb)




2.3kg (5lbs)

The 4-Section Light Stand - 4m (13’) includes:

  • 1 - 4m (13’) 4-Section Light Stand


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4-Section Light Stand - 4m (13’)

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