Tri-Fold 43″ (109cm) Translucent Umbrella

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A mid-size translucent umbrella that creates a soft, diffused light on your subjects. The folding frame makes it perfect for lightweight, location portraits with speedlights



Tri-Fold conventional umbrellas allow for folding down to a third of the size and a much more compact package than other conventional umbrellas, making them excellent companions for carry-on and personal item airline travel without sacrificing surface area with small speedlights and portable flashes.

Translucent shoot-through umbrellas create a soft, diffused light on your subject. Shoot-through umbrellas are unique to other umbrellas in that the light spill is not contained by a black backing. Light from these translucent umbrellas spreads in all directions, leading to increased ambient light in small studios and softer shadows. Translucent umbrellas are typically used in portraiture as a fill or accent light.

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Shoot-Through Translucent

Open Face Diameter

109cm (43″)

Arc Diameter

132cm (52″)

Umbrella Shaft Length

79cm (31″)

Umbrella Shaft Diameter

Up to 8mm

Collapsed Size

48cm (19″)

Fabric Material

translucent nylon

Frame Material



0.4kg (0.9lb)

The Tri-Fold 43" (109cm) Translucent Umbrella includes:

  • 1 - Tri-Fold 43" (109cm) Translucent Umbrella
  • 1 - Nylon Carry Bag

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