New S1 Firmware Update! Expanded Power Range and Added Compatibility

Interfit’s engineers have been hard at work to bring S1 users a new firmware update that bundles together two exciting features! An update will need to run on each S1 flash head and remote to ensure compatibility.

This update:

Adds compatibility with the new Canon 5D mark 4

S1 users who have purchased the new Canon 5D mark 4 will now have complete access to all S1 features.

Extends the flash power range to 9 stops 

This firmware update adds two additional stops to the bottom of the power range, giving the S1 a total range of 9 stops. Prior to this, the S1 had a range of only 7 stops. What does this mean? This means that you can power your S1 down two stops further than you could before; all the way down to 1.95Ws! Maximum flash power does not change. It is still 500Ws at full power Why is this added low-end power range important?  500Ws is a lot of flash power! But there are many instances when you really only need a small amount of light. Shooting with fast lenses for a super shallow depth of field, or bringing your light extremely close to your subject for dramatic fall-off both require minimal flash power.

This update will change the numbering system used to represent the power output. On previous firmware versions, the flash output was measured on a scale of 8.0 – 2.0 (500Ws – 7.8Ws), adjustable within 0.1 stops. For this new version of the firmware, the flash output is measured on a scale of 10.0 – 2.0 (500Ws – 1.95Ws), adjustable within o.1 stops. The table below shows how these numbers relate.

Updated Power Range with Firmware Version 2.2Corresponding Power Range with Previous Firmware VersionsWatt/secondsFlash power in fractions

Individual firmware updates are needed for flash heads and remotes. Click here to go to the S1 Firmware Updates Page

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