Introducing the ACE100 Flash Kit

In a very overcrowded market, knowing how to properly light your subjects is imperative!

Having a knowledge of light and its’ properties will help to set you apart from the masses. But purchasing studio lights for the first time can be quite intimidating… Not to mention costly! With all of the advanced features you see on many professional lights on the market, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. What if all you want is something small and inexpensive so you can learn the basics of studio lighting before investing in a big kit? What if you don’t need 1000W/s, TTL or hypersonic flash durations? Interfit has the answer.

Introducing the ACE. The ACE is designed to be the ideal light for the novice photographer seeking a quality studio light at an affordable price. With its’ carefully chosen combination of key functions and components, the ACE gives you just what you need to get started, without the extra features and specs that beginners don’t necessarily require.

The ACE features basic manual controls, a stepless power adjustment dial with a four-stop range, modeling lamp, optical slave cell and sync port, and an umbrella mount. Each ACE Flash Kit includes a light stand, translucent umbrella and a sync cable, giving you everything you need to start shooting!

For a full list of features and specifications, visit the ACE Product Page.

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