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J.emery_headshotBased in Los Angeles, CA, Jennifer (Zivolich) Emery is an award-winning photographer, educator, and published author. She specializes in Commercial Portrait, Fashion, Celebrity & Lifestyle Photography & Video, and is an Adjunct Photography Professor. She conducts various photography workshops and speaking engagements across the nation including “Canon Live Learning” Seminars.  Her recently published book, “Lighting Design for Commercial Portrait Photography”, was published with Amherst Media and can be found on Amazon. Look for her upcoming book on Artist Nude Photography in 2017.  In an effort to support professional and emerging photographers, Jennifer co-founded the “Arts District Los Angeles Photo Collective”.

She is also an Actor, Voiceover Artist, Screenwriter, and Indi-Producer/Director.

Check out Jennifer’s website for upcoming photography workshops and speaking engagements: http://www.JenniferEmery.Photo



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Educational Content

  • Lighting Design for Commercial Portrait Photography

    Effective commercial portraiture is heavily reliant on clean, crisp lighting looks that emphasize color, contrast, contours, and texture to allow viewers of magazines, newspapers, television, and movies to view a product or model/celebrity in a precise and predetermined way that suits the overall marketing campaign and leaves viewers with a specific, conscripted feeling about the product /person being shown. Crafting this type of polished lighting requires absolute proficiency with the tools of the trade, from flash, to beauty lights, to softboxes, to gobos and gels. It also requires thinking outside the box to create lighting with a “hook”—a certain quality that binds the look to the brand identity and can be carried out repeatedly across several advertising campaigns.

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